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Juniper (2020)

Set in the 80s, Juniper is a just a young girl on a night out. She appears to be a little bit drunk but as the night progresses the strange events that she’s experiencing can no longer be blamed on alcohol. 

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Bouba & Kiki (2019)

Bouba and Kiki is a 10 minute short drama about a young librarian suffering from a strange form of synaesthesia where he associates the sound of voices with flavours. He's lured out of his self-appointed recluse when he meets a young jazz singer whose voice doesn't seem to have any flavour at all.

This film was made with support of the Glasgow Short Film Festival and Production Attic after winning the GSFF's annual pitch competition and premiered as part of the BAFTA qualifying Scottish Competition at the Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019.

Selected highlights:

  • Official Selection Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019 | BAFTA qualifying Scottish Competition

  • Official Selection Glasgow Youth Festival 2019

  • ​Official Selection Portobello Film Festival 2019


Gender Twister (2014)

Gender Twister is a 90 second satire about a fictional game that challenges societies rigid gender rules.

Selected highlights:

  • Broadcasted on the Short Film Show 25-01-2019
    Nominated International Short Film Show Awards 2019​​

  • Runner up for My First Job in Film and Encounters 90sec film competition
    Encounters short film competition winners

  • ​Runner up Award Winner Greenhorn Film Festival 2014